Program Assistance

Sciensational Sssnakes!! programs are performed all over the province of Ontario, at all times of the year.  Because our programs involve hands-on opportunities with snakes, whether they are shows or displays, we can always use extra people to help with this activity.  It is important to monitor the animals closely when they are being handled by the public as occasionally the participants may not be gentle enough and the animals could be harmed or stressed.  Volunteers help facilitate the hands-on snake interactions with members of the public.

No experience is necessary to help with the programs.  If the volunteer is under the age of 16 a guardian must be present for the time the volunteer is helping out.

Transportation to the venue where the display or show is taking place is the responsibility of the volunteer.  If space allows the SciSnakes vehicle may be able to accommodate a volunteer or two from the Guelph facility to and from the venue.  We also encourage and will facilitate car-pooling with volunteers.

If you are interested in helping out at a SciSnakes display or show please join our facebook group:

If you are not a Facebook user simply keep an eye on our ‘Events’ page on the website.  Upcoming events will be posted there and if there is an event you are interested in helping out with please send an email to or call or text (519) 824-3847.

Animal Care Assistance

Another volunteering opportunity with SciSnakes is becoming a part of our animal care team.  These volunteering opportunities are located at the SciSnakes facility in Guelph.  These positions involve the maintenance and care of the reptiles and amphibians used in the Sciensational Sssnakes programs.  Lots of cage cleaning, some feeding and occasionally health care issues will be responsibilities covered by the volunteers.  In addition to the work session there will often be ‘Learning Seminars’ available for the volunteers to participate in if they choose, allowing them to expand their knowledge of this section of biology.

In the fall (near the beginning of September), the SciSnakes staff will post a call for animal care volunteer applications.  If you are not a Facebook user please feel free to send a cover letter and resume during the last week of August or the first week of September.  Cover letters and resumes will be reviewed and successful candidates will be asked to join the team.  Mandatory training sessions that must be completed by the volunteers before they can begin working with the animals at the facility will be held in September.  On the completion of training the volunteers will sign up for work sessions at the facility (a minimum of two per month, each usually 3 to 4 hours in length).

 If you are interested in the animal care commitment please watch the SciSnakes facebook page: for postings about application requirements and dates.