Our Team

Jenny Pearce


Jenny began Sciensational Sssnakes!! as a business in 1994. Working with reptiles has been her life long dream and she is very privileged to work with such a fantastic team of people and animals everyday.

Samantha Fitzgerald

Wildlife Naturalist

SciSnakes is pleased to welcome Sami to the team! Samantha is a University of Guelph Student and will be entering her 4th year in the Zoology program in the fall of 2021. Samantha has had some amazing experiences in her life. At only 17 years old Sami traveled to Tanzania with a friend who had also just graduated from secondary school and volunteered with the Tumaina Children’s Foundation. Samantha is an avid reader and gardener and enjoys caring for her two rescued cats. Sami has lots of ideas and aspirations for her future in the field of biology, and we are lucky to have her as part of the SciSnakes family for the summer of 2021.

Michelle Beltran

Reptile Educator/Keeper

Michelle has graduated from University of Guelph, in the Zoology program. Michelle joined the SciSnakes team for the summer in 2019, and has been a great asset to the work SciSnakes does ever since. As an animal care giver, an educator and presenter, and also as an intern working on our volunteer animal care program she has improved SciSnakes with her presence. Thank you Michelle for your dedication and continued hard work, making SciSnakes a success and the animal collection one of the best cared for in Canada.

Kitty Lin

Snake Master

Kitty Lin worked at Sciensational Sssnakes!! for the summer of 2018. She now works tirelessly with SciSnakes in a voluntary capacity. Kitty provides excellent care for the collection, performing fantastic presentations and outreach about our wonderful reptiles, and still somehow manages to fit in supervising our animal care volunteers and assist with the planning and running of the volunteer program. Kitty is an enthusiastic and much valued member of the SciSnakes team. Without her hard work and wonderful presence the 'Conservation through Education' mandate of SciSnakes would not be the success it is today.

Jenny Lin

Snake Master

Jenny joined the SciSnakes team as an employee for the summer in 2018, and since then has continued to contribute a huge amount to our 'Conservation through Education' mandate. As well as being a stellar employee, Jenny is now donating much of her time to continue to care for the animals in the collection, educate the public at our displays and shows, and also spends lots of time and effort supervising and working with our animal care volunteers. SciSnakes has greatly benefited from Jenny's involvement, and we hope this continues into the future.

Reilly H McIsaac

Snake Master

Reilly is a recent graduate of the University of Guelph's Animal Biology course. She has worked at Sciensational Sssnakes for two summers, 2018 and 2019. Reilly is an amazing person who has brought an immense amount of positive progression to the SciSnakes team. As well as her tireless efforts to advance the cause of conservation of reptiles in Ontario while she was working full time during the summers, Reilly also selflessly gave so much to SciSnakes during her school semesters while she was a full time student. As one of the leaders behind the Animal Care Volunteer program she is responsible for the creation and constant improvement of this program which is benefiting both SciSnakes and the students involved. Reilly is on her way to becoming a Veterinarian, continuing her schooling in Melbourne, Australia. She will be sorely missed here at SciSnakes!