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Due to the changes adopted because of COVID-19 Sciensational Sssnakes regular programs have not been feasible to present to the public. We have endeavoured to create new ways to reach the public with our ‘Conservation through Education’ messages so please read on to learn about some of our new programs!

All of the following programs will be presented through social media applications such as Zoom, Google Meets or Facebook.

Recorded Programs
These programs are pre-recorded with an educational talk combined with beautiful video footage of our animal ambassadors. The species used in the presentation, to the best of our ability, will be relevant to the geographical area in which the participants reside. During the presentation a SciSnakes staff member will be accessible to the participants so they can ask questions or make comments through a written ‘chat’ feature. At the end of the recording there will be an opportunity for ‘face time’ with the Scisnakes staff for discussions and questions.
The live question and discussion time will be limited to 15 minutes.

30 minute recorded program + live question and discussion time
This program will feature 4 species, usually two snakes and two turtles.
Cost - $60

45 minute recorded program + live question and discussion time
This program will feature 6 species, usually three snakes and three turtles.
Cost - $90

1 hour recorded program + live question and discussion time
This program will feature 8 species, usually five snakes and three turtles.
Cost - $120

Species used in recorded programs:
Eastern Garter Snake, Northern Water Snake, Eastern Milk Snake, Western Hognose Snake, Black Rat Snake, Eastern Fox Snake, Bullsnake, Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake, Corn Snakes, Midland Painted Turtle, Blandings Turtle, Spotted Turtle, Stinkpot, Wood Turtle, Snapping Turtle

Live Programs
These programs will be presented in real time, allowing for participant interactions throughout the presentation. In some applications, such as Zoom, we can use poll questions to involve the audience. Comments, questions and requests can be received through the ‘chat’ feature during the presentation. They can be responded to in ‘real time’ by the presenter as opposed to the distraction of reading a typed response during the presentation. A larger number and variety of species will be available through the live presentation. Exotic snakes, including large boas or pythons, lizards, amphibians, and even tarantulas are options that can be experienced and learned about during the live presentation.
The live presentation is typically up to an hour in length. Longer programs can be accommodated for an additional charge.

Cost - $200

Additional species options for live programs:
Tricolour Milk Snakes, Sand Boas, Boa Constrictor, Burmese Python, Leucistic Texas Ratsnake, Brazilian Rainbow Boa, Ball Python, Taiwan Beauty Snake, Leopard Gecko, Crested Gecko, Bearded Dragon, Blue-tongued Skink, European Legless Lizard, American Toad, Grey Treefrog, Red Eared Sliders, Three Toed Box Turtles, Tarantulas