Tank size options are all listed by length X width X height.  The rental venue is welcome to supply their own enclosure, but Sciensational Sssnakes!! reserves the right to inspect and refuse the rental if the enclosure is not secure or safe for the animal or the public.

Prices listed are estimates and subject to change.  There is 13% HST charge on all costs.

Prices shown are for the first month’s rental, subsequent months are up to 25% off of the previous month’s cost.

Delivery/set up and tear down/pick up services are available at a charge of $30/hour for each hour of travel time from Guelph to the venue and back.  If the delivery or pick up day is combined with a Sciensational Sssnakes!! show and/or display there is no charge for the delivery or pick up services.

The following list is of possible species and individuals that may be available to rent.  We do not guarantee any specific animal will be available, and there may be species and individuals available for rental that are not on the list.  Please use this list as a guideline and contact us with any questions or requests you might have.  We will do our best to accommodate your rental animal needs.

Snake Species

Eastern Garter Snake                                               Status: Not at Risk

A diurnal species, this species makes a very good display animal and an excellent hands-on animal.  This is the species of snake that is seen most often by the public in the wild in Ontario.


  1. Tank size: 61cm X 32cm X 32cm.  A male snake would fit in this tank, they tend to be small and flighty, not good for hands-on opportunities.  Cost - $60.00
  2. Tank size: 92cm X 32cm X 32cm.  Adult female snakes comfortably fit in this size, excellent animals for hands-on opportunities.  Cost - $80.00



Northern Water Snake                                             Status: Not at Risk

The native Ontario snake with one of the worst reputations (undeserved).  Water snakes are excellent display animals and can be used for hands-on sessions with the public.  They are fish feeders, and fresh bait fish would have to be supplied by the venue as frozen fish are not suitable to feed these snakes.  They are a high maintenance animal but great workers.


  1. Tank size: 50cm X 28cm X 32cm or 61cm X 32cm X 32cm.  The small tanks would house a very young watersnake, born in 2019 or small male water snakes born in 2016.  The males are small, but can still be used for hands-on activities but must be closely supervised, they are delicate and can move quickly.  Cost - $80.00
  2. Tank size: 92cm X 32cm X 32cm.  Adult females (the girls are larger) are available for this size of tank, excellent size for hands-on opportunities.  Cost - $100.00


Black Rat Snake                                                        Status: Endangered and Threatened

Canada’s longest snake species, the impressive Black Rat Snake is a good display snake as they will come out of hiding sometimes and will often climb up and around cage decorations.  These are rodent feeding snakes which have very low maintenance requirements.  These are excellent snakes for hands-on opportunities with the public.


  1. Tank size: 92cm X 32cm X 48cm.  A small adult Black Rat Snake is quite comfortable in this size tank, and is an excellent and impressive size for display purposes. The adults are calm and an excellent size for handling.  Cost - $130.00


Eastern Fox Snake                                                    Status: Endangered

This is a beautiful and very special snake which has a very limited range in Ontario, yet their best hope of continued survival will be the populations found in our province.  They are excellent hands-on snakes and very low maintenance.


  1. Tank size: 61cm X 32cm X 32cm.  The small tank would house Eastern Fox snakes born in 2017.  They are growing very quickly, and look a little different from the adults.  They are small, but can still be used for hands-on activities but must be closely supervised, because of their size.  Cost - $130.00
  2. Tank size: 92cm X 32cm X 48cm.  Our adult Fox Snakes are a little large for this size tank, but a larger tank will be pretty unwieldly.  Cost - $150.00



Northern Ribbon Snake                                           Status: Special Concern

This snake is rarely seen in the wild and, when it is observed, it is often mistaken for the more common Eastern Garter Snake. Being diurnal (active during the day), it makes a good display snake, but they are too delicate and frenzied for any hands-on activities.  A fish feeder, fresh fish must be supplied by the venue, minnows from bait shops or rosy reds obtained from pet stores are suitable.


  1. Tank size: 92cm X 32cm X 32cm.  Cost - $80.00

Turtle Species

Spotted Turtle                                                           Status: Endangered

An adorable turtle that makes an excellent display. 


  1. 92cm X 32cm X 32cm.  Housing for a juvenile/small adult.  These are very small turtles even as adults so this would be lots of room.  Cost - $130.00


Painted Turtle                                                           Status: Not at Risk

The most commonly seen turtle in Ontario.  Although these turtles are not a Species at Risk, they are protected and it is illegal to take them from the wild.  Our individuals are all unable to be released back into the wild, many were taken for pets, and they have come to us via the Toronto Wildlife Centre.


  1. 92cm X 32cm X 32cm.  This would house one of our smaller females or a male.  Cost - $100.00

Stinkpot                                                                      Status: Threatened

Another one of Ontario’s very small species of turtle, this is a very secretive species.  They will often hide in their enclosure, but sometimes will bask and will emerge very enthusiastically when food is provided.


41cm X 21cm X 26cm.  Housing for a hatchling turtle (born in 2014).  A very small and delicate animal.  Cost - $90.00

50cm X 28cm X32cm.  A juvenile or small adult size would be appropriate for this size of enclosure.  Cost – $100.00

Wood Turtle                                                              Status: Endangered

An excellent display turtle. Unlike our other native turtle species, which require an aquatic set-up with a filter system,   this species is housed in a terrestrial enclosure with a very large water dish. This species requires a supplemented diet with salads made from fresh foods which must be supplied by the venue.  Because of the more terrestrial nature of this turtle, if the shell is washed thoroughly with a good antibacterial soap the public may be allowed to touch and feel the shell on this turtle, under close supervision.


  1. 92cm X 32cm X 32cm.  A juvenile Wood turtle, born in 2013.