(Photo: Don Pogue)

Sciensational Sssnakes!! provides hands-on education about reptiles and amphibians for the young and the young at heart. Our shows feature an informal lecture about the animals, their ecology and conservation issues as well as a session in which participants are able to interact, touch and hold the animals. Our displays, which can be combined with one or more shows, feature animals in terrariums with interpretive signs and backdrops, and are suitable for public spaces like parks, malls and fairs.

Our programs feature live animals that are safe, friendly and easy to handle. Many of them are native Ontario species, some of which are now endangered in the wild, and rarely seen. Sciensational Sssnakes!! maintains the most complete collection of Ontario reptile and amphibian species in the province, which allows unparalleled opportunities to learn about these animals and the challenges we face to ensure their survival in the future. We are authorized by the Ministry of Natural Resources to maintain these animals in captivity.

Contact us today for more information and rates. By increasing public knowledge and appreciation, we hope to help sustain wild populations of these animals. Together, we can make a difference!