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Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's been a long time...

It is amazing how time can fly! Sorry for the lack of updates here; we've had some computer issues, most notably that the USB ports on my computer have ceased functioning. I've been unable to get them working again, and the computer is not only beyond warranty, the manufacturer's tech support hotline doesn't support it anymore even for a fee! So I am still unable to transfer pictures, etc.

However, I didn't intend to let things go this long, so I guess I should try to catch everyone up- it has been a busy winter. The fall volunteer weekend went very well; amongst other participants were members of the University of Guelph Wildlife Club. Former staff Christa and Katharine were both members of this club, as were Jenny and I quite some time ago. A discussion at the volunteer weekend evolved into planning for a club trip to Everglades National Park and other spots around south Florida during the spring break. The students and I spent 11 days exploring various subtropical ecosystems; Jenny stayed home to look after the animals, the wood furnace, etc. Highlights of the trip included sightings of an eastern diamondback rattlesnake, a hawksbill sea turtle, and florida box turtles.

Enclosure construction continues, and the lab area is nearly operational. I'm hoping that we'll get more stuff done now that the March break week is over; it was fairly busy with programs, as it usually is. We spent three days doing school programs in Lanark County in February, courtesy of the local stewardship council and naturalist's club. The search for funding for our cross-Canada tour project (in partnership with CARCNET and Laurentian U.) continues, and I'm still optimistic that we'll be out in western Canada over the summer.

Thanks to the warmer than usual winter, we even still have a little firewood left in the wood shelter!

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