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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Northeastern Ontario Tour: Day 11

We've been basing out of Marten River Provincial Park since Friday, which has been great. This is a beautiful park for people looking for a taste of northern Ontario without having to drive too far- it's only half an hour north of North Bay. Convenient for us; we did shows at Finlayson Point, Samuel de Champlain, the Mattawa Voyageur Days, and the North Bay Public Library while leaving our wonderful tent trailer here. Our show here on Friday night exceeded even the standing room of the logging camp building, and the turnouts were very good at the other shows as well. Jenny and Christa arrived on Sunday night after a busy weekend in eastern Ontario, bringing a replacement crew of animals for our continued journey this week. Christa is coming with us now, and Dan has gone back with Jenny for some shows in the south.

Sunday, before our Finlayson Point show, we hiked a trail here that leads through a nice stand of old growth white pine trees- reminiscent of what the forest here looked like centuries ago. One of the trees has been checked and is over 300 years old- hard to imagine! We also saw a pretty garter snake while on the trail, and a few toads.

We actually had the day off yesterday, having convinced Jenny and Dan to do the North Bay show on their own on the way home, so we went canoeing, fishing, swimming, and the girls had long naps! I caught a smallmouth bass in the morning, which was a nice addition to our big brunch before Jenny and Dan left.

Today we have to say goodbye to the warm hospitality of Marten River, and we head north towards Kirkland Lake, to Esker Lakes Provincial Park. We're planning a stop in Temagami to climb a restored fire tower, which should be neat!

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Friday, July 22, 2005

Northeastern Ontario Tour: Day 7

We're still in Sudbury, about to start our last library program. We're off to Marten River Provincial Park tonight, and then the Mattawa and North Bay area for a few days.

Everything is going great; lots of comedic moments between myself, Crystal, and especially Dan... Don't have time to post much here right now though, as the show starts in a few minutes. I wish I could post pics of Crystal and Dan in the wireless headset "Madonna mics" last night at Grundy Lake Provincial Park- definitely needed a sound system there since we had 350 people come out to the show!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Northeastern Ontario Tour: Day 4

Here we are in Sudbury, on Day 4 of our 18 day tour of northeastern Ontario. We started on Saturday at Mikisew, Restoule and Killarney Provincial Parks. We actually had a day off on Sunday at spent it relaxing (during the morning rain) and then hiking along one of Killarney's famous quartzite ridges, also known as the LaCloche Mountains. We were rewarded with a beautiful view of the surrounding area while we had lunch, and Dan found a good-sized smooth green snake as well! After a refreshing swim we hit the road for Windy Lake Provincial Park, where we're staying this week while we do all of the Sudbury library branches. We did three libraries yesterday, and will be doing two more today, plus a program at Halfway Lake Provincial Park tonight. Crystal and I did a little fishing last night, and Crystal caught a couple of small brook trout which we had for dinner. Hopefully we'll have even more luck later in the trip when we have a bit more time to spare!

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Staff Profile: Crystal Robertson

Crystal has been volunteering with us for about five years, and we are happy to have her finally join us as a staff member! Currently an Ecosystem Management student at Sir Sanford Fleming College in Lindsay, Crystal's career plans definitely involve reptiles. Her other interests include dogs, camping, travel and fishing. Check out a picture of Crystal in our Flickr photo gallery at the right of the page.

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