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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

On the road again!

We're back in Sudbury! This is Day 2 of 5 days here doing programs at the Sudbury public libraries. I meant to get a post up last week but we had way too much to do to get ready to go, since this is only the first week of 7 for me to be on the road! From here, we go to Foleyet and Timmins, and then out towards Lake Superior. After that, we'll head out to northwestern Ontario, and on to Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Hopefully I'll be able to put frequent updates on the site!

Staff members Graham, Amanda, and Megan are with me right now, and Crystal and Sean are still in Orillia with Jenny- they've still got lots of bookings to keep up with! Next week we rotate the animals and the staff; Crystal and Megan will be with me after that.

It should be a busy but fun trip- no doubt lots of stories to tell! Today has been great, 2 shows so far and one more in about a half hour. After the second show, one family that has seen the program several times brought us home-made chocolate chip peanut butter cookies- how cool is that!!!

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