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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Day 4 in Sudbury

We're doing a show right now at the Copper Cliff branch of the Sudbury library system- actually Graham, Amanda and Megan are doing it without me while I'm writing this update! After rotating through various portions of the program, today they have started to take on the challenge of performing the entire program. The afternoon show went very well, and I'm sure this one will, too!

In between shows today we stopped in at Home Depot to get some plywood cut for shelving in the back of the van. We continue to customize things here and there to improve it for our trip out to Saskatchewan. We also created a ceiling-mounted fishing rod rack!

Amanda took yesterday off to visit a life-long friend who has moved to Sudbury, so Graham, Megan and I did the two library shows and then headed up to Halfway Lake Provincial Park for the evening program. Good thing we got there in time to have a swim before the show, since it has been very hot for the last few days.

Tomorrow should be interesting. In addition to the two library shows (which should be big ones, last year nearly 300 people showed up for the Valley East branch), we will be picking up a new snake from the local OSPCA shelter. We did a reptile training workshop for their staff last year, so when the snake came in this week, they decided to contact us to see if we could adopt it. Handily enough, they discovered that I was already in town!

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