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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Back from Michigan, and on to the Volunteer Weekend!

I spent most of this week in Michigan, travelling around looking for snakes! Lots of fun, and we found lots of snakes as well! We visited a couple of people who came to the Pelee Island trip in 2002, Terry in northern Michigan and Eddie in southern Michigan. They showed us around; it was especially interesting to see the habitat projects that Terry has done on his land, and the high numbers of snakes around that seem to have resulted from his efforts. Here's a list of species encountered: snakes- eastern and Butler's garters, northern ribbon, northern water, brown and redbelly, ringneck, eastern milk and eastern massasauga, turtles- midland painted, common snapper (DOR), Blanding's (DOR), frogs- green, leopard, wood, spring peeper, gray treefrog, american toad, salamanders- spotted, blue-spotted, red-backed, four-toed and tiger. Tons of neat stuff! I was accompanied by staff members Crystal and Megan, and Steve Marks; a great time was had by all!

And now we're back, and ready to dive into the volunteer weekend, which officially starts in a few minutes... better get going!

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I remember several years ago when you visited your parents in AZ . . . playing tennis with you. It is nice to see you doing so well and sharing your knowledge with others. Have a GREAT summer, Gene Gene Gerard at 9:49 PM, July 14, 2006  
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