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Saturday, October 15, 2005

The volunteer weekend is here, and the sky is clear!

Wow, the Massasauga Symposium at the Toronto Zoo was great! I'll try to write more about it next week, since now I'm fully back into project mode. Despite forecasts of grey skies and rain, the sun is coming up this morning to reveal a clear sky- it looks like all the rain passed by overnight. I hope it stays nice and sunny, as we have about 40-45 people expected to show up today for the volunteer weekend! This promises to be the biggest one we've ever had, by far. We should be able to get lots done!

Thanks to our local sponsors we'll be able to feed everyone. So, a virtual round of applause, please, for Swiss Chalet, Bygone Days Fish & Chips, Domino's Pizza, East Side Mario's, Top's Pizza, Theo's Eatery, Little Caesar's, Wendy's, A&W and Burger King for providing food. Once again, No Frills has provided drinks to keep everyone hydrated!

I've got to get back to getting preparations made, but hopefully we'll get some progress reports and pictures up over the weekend!

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