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Monday, April 18, 2005

The Ontario Reptile Expo

Yesterday's Ontario Reptile Expo was excellent once again! This Mississauga aggregation of reptile breeders, retailers, wholesalers, conservation programs, etc. is a great event for learning more about these animals, finding a good deal on that must-have pet, meeting new friends, and catching up with old ones. We had a table this time, and sold off all of our cracked small tanks, which still work fine for some species but don't look very nice on display at a mall! We also sold a few baby corn snakes- yes we do sell snakes sometimes, when we have babies of various things. We don't particularly strive to breed things very often, but with the size of our collection we are bound to get some babies, and we can't keep them all!

The next expo is on June 19th, check for all the details. I don't know yet whether we'll be there, but if we are, I hope we'll get a chance to see you!

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